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Mike Burlison.

This site is dedicated in honor to all the loved ones who've come before us.

They have gone from us physically, but are ever present in our memories. I hope that this site will help kindle an interest in the rich heritage that we all share. These pages are also dedicated to my extended family, some I've known of for years, and some of you I'm just now getting to know; thanks to the Internet and the study of our common history. We are researching the Burlison/Burleson, Allen, Ray, Pettit, Hensley, Riddle, Holcombe, Carter, Dillingham, Cole, Crump, Edwards, Craig, Casey, Cato, Cherry, Glover, Ford, Lamb & many more families, please drop us a line if you can help us on these families, or if you just want to talk genealogy research in general.

Special disclaimer note concerning  "The Family Tree"

Note: Data on this Family Tree is derived from many sources,  let me know of additions or corrections that need to be made. We strive to keep the information accurate, but make no claim of 100% accuracy.  We have tried to only include data that can be found in 'public' sources or sometimes anecdotal information.  If anyone would like us to strike, edit or otherwise remove anything, please just let us know.

Special Note of Appreciation to Loren S. Ray

Loren is our cousin who is from Buncombe Co., North Carolina. He has been sharing a great deal of his life's study of his and many allied families with me and I feel very honored that he is a part of this endeavor. His work forms a large percentage of our current database as regards the many families we're related to who lived or are living in the Buncombe Co., and surrounding area in North Carolina.

Note of Thanks 

Thank You! to all who have or continue to help me build on the information within this site, especially the Family Tree itself. There are many who have been of great assistance, and I won't be able to name them all here, so "thanks" to all of you who send me corrections, additions, and for just writing to make me aware of all my 'new' found cousins.   I'd like to recognize the efforts of Dixie Blackledge, Ozena Burrell, Allan & Mary Burlison, Casey Family Association, Marty Grant, William Craig, Archie Craig, Mike & Paula Casey, Grandpa Joe Coates, Burleson Family Association, Charles W. Burlison, Baylus Brooks, Edith Ward, Jewell Glover, Bryan & Mary Sue Burrell, Ralph Corbett, Stan Crump, Daniel West, Laura Williams, Kim Arrington, Norma Morgan, Harold "Lat" Robinson, Charles Owens, Jr., Ronald Colby, Lorraine Lambert, Art Ray & many more.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Family Tree Surnames List1: A listing of the Surnames found within our Family Tree Database at this site.

feature 2 Burleson Family Association I urge all Burlison researchers to become BFA members. They've been doing a great job long before the Net.

feature 3 Genealogy Documents Genealogy related documents, files, records, narratives etc...

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.